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The philosophy of The Creative Curriculum® is that

At TTK, we know a whole-child approach to learning is the most developmentally appropriate way to educate children. Why? Because a whole-child approach fosters all areas of children’s development and learning – from social-emotional and cognitive skills to literacy, math, and science understanding – and is a powerful approach as preschool children transition to kindergarten. With The Creative Curriculum®, children are immersed in learning through purposeful play-based experiences on topics they’re familiar with from their everyday lives. Children find opportunities for rigorous skill development like counting, measurement, and language comprehension while also developing positive relationships, gross-motor skills, and problem solving abilities.

THE 2 OBJECTIVES FOR ENGLISH LANGUAGE ACQUISITION AT TWINKLE TOWN KINDERGARTEN (1) DEMONSTRATES PROGRESS IN LISTENING TO AND UNDERSTANDING ENGLISH Classroom routines and the language used in those contexts help children begin to understand the new language. However, assessing children’s receptive abilities can be complicated by the fact that young learners are extremely good at guessing meaning from context. In order to check receptive comprehension, teachers must be careful that they are assessing understanding without providing contextual cues like gestures or eye gaze. (2) DEMONSTRATES PROGRESS IN SPEAKING ENGLISH The second task for second-language learners is to begin the process of using their new language. Most children begin by repeating words or phrases, either in one-on-one interactions with adults or in group situations when all of the children are using the same words, for instance, during a group sing-along.

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